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The train station is outside the airport building and not well sign posted from the Arrivals Hall. You will be directed to exit via terminal 3.

As you leave the building you will see a sign for the train station, it will show an arrow pointing to the left, proceed to the roadway and cross the road using the pedestrian crossing (beware they don't always stop). Proceed along the pathway and to the right you will come to some ticket machines, once you have purchased your ticket then proceed through the barriers (placing your ticket in the slot to gain access) then down the escalators to the platform marked Fuengirola (if you going that way).

It is important that you have purchased a ticket before you board the train, or you will be liable for a fine of around 10 times the cost of the fare. There are two automated ticket machine at the airport train station, but you will need Euro coins (sometimes notes are rejected, especially the 50€ note). Occasionally the machine will only accept the exact fare. So be prepared!

The walk from the airport building to the station is a good five minutes - normally no problem, but in the melting August mid afternoon sun or a winter torrential rain storm, you may think twice about the benefits of saving on a taxi fare. It is also worth mentioning that when you reach the station, there are escalators down to the train platform. So, if you have a disability or are traveling with awkward, heavy luggage there is also a lift.

There is an excellent train service linking Malaga Airport to Malaga city to the East and Fuengirola to the West.

And there are many new stations opening (you can now travel to Ronda on the C2 line).

Price of Train Ticket:
Most one way journeys are approximately 3 euros depending upon destination and day of the week. (slightly higher tariff on Saturdays and public holidays).

Please don't forget to check with latest time table, and also note that there may be changes to the timetable due to works on the line (Please see standard timetables below).



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