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  • October 6th – 12th The Fuengirola Fair: Feria de Fuengirola
  • Each city, town and village in Spain has an annual fair. In Fuengirola the fair takes place in October, starting with a bang on the 6th with a huge fireworks display. Over the last 20 or so years the feria has increased in size and is now one of the most important fairs on the coast. It is held on the purpose built fair ground, on the road between Fuengirola and Los Boliches. It is roughly equidistant from Fuengirola and Los Boliches train stations and the fair ground can be seen from the train.

When the fair is on, you can’t miss it. The fairground is lit up and the entrance area is dedicated to the children’s fair, with noisy merry-go-rounds, dodgem cars - and other more exciting rides for the more trepid fair goer. Going deeper into the fair ground are brightly decorated casetas with their own music and special dance events going on throughout the day and night. There are many different ‘casetas’, which are like small bars, with music and plenty of food and drinks for sale. The feria by day and in the evening is very much a family affair and is also a time when many groups of office workers celebrate together by having a long lunch at one of the casetas. The feria by night is for the young who enjoy dancing and seeing all their friends.

The traditional drink of the feria is ‘fino’ – a very dry, pale sherry. However many people drink wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks as well. Local people and even foreigners dress up in traditional Spanish dress, the women in the typical flamenco dress and the men with the short jackets, high wasted trousers, boot and hats.

Horses are a large part of the feria agenda and usually on the Thursday of the fair, prizes are given for the best horses.

During the week of the feria, there is also a lot going on at the Fuengirola bullring, such as horse drawn carriage displays.

In fact, the whole town is in feria mode for this week in October and the best way to ensure that you don’t miss any of the events, is to pick up a programme, which are usually freely available in newspaper shops, bars, etc. – or go along to the Casa de Cultura.

Parking close to the fair ground is difficult when the feria is in full swing and if you are able to take the train, this is often the best form of transport at this time. Otherwise you will first have to find parking and then walk to the fair. This in itself can be very interesting, as you see all the women parading their beautiful outfits along the way.

For full information on fiestas and events (as well as exhibitions, courses, etc.) in Fuengirola, the best place to ask is at the Casa de Cultura:

Casa de Cultura
Avenida Juan Gomez “Juanito”
29640 Fuengirola
Tel: 952 46 07 50






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