Los Boliches


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Salon Varietes
  • June 24th St. John’s Day: La Fiesta de San Juan
  • The 24th of June is the day of St. John and as in other parts of Spain; this is a very special night of the year. The tradition is to build many bonfires, especially on the beach. It is said to be a night of magic. The background to the festivities comes from the first baptism given by St. John. Nowadays, it is a great excuse for night parties, particularly on the beach. The tradition is to be at the waters edge at midnight and to hold hands and walk into the sea backwards, while you make a wish. By 1:00 a.m. at various points along the Fuengirola beach, there are huge gatherings of people in party mood. There are bonfires at certain points along the sand and you will see that groups of people have set up open tents and the smell of barbeques and the many sounds of the fair can go on until very late into the night and early morning.

There is a specially organised Boquetillo neighbourhood (on the right, approximately way up Avenida de Mijas from the town centre) there is specially organized street party, with lively Spanish music and other entertainment and many children’s attractions. The local restaurants and bars in this area offer excellent local dishes and stay open till the small hours of the morning. This small fair normally goes on for several days and nights after San Juan on the 24th. This is an extremely noisy few days and nights for the residents of this very built-up area, so they often join in rather than try to sleep through the bedlam. Joining in with the vibrant Andalucian party atmosphere is a good way to get you into the swing of things, especially since this is considered to be the fiesta that gets summer underway.





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