Los Boliches


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Salon Varietes
  • 16th July The Day of the Virgin Carmen:La Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen (Vigen Carmen).
  • On the night of the 16th July there is a colourful and very moving procession in Los Boliches neighborhood of Fuengirola. An image of the Virgen del Carmen is carried in a procession all the way down to the sea, where a waiting boat takes the ‘Virgin of the Seas’, as she is known, to Fuengirola port. People wade into the sea (many fully clothed) to see the Virgin off on her journey. The virgin figure is later carried back again to the church in Los Boliches. Flowers and a blaze of candles decorate the procession and the boat. Along with this magnificent sight, there are fireworks lighting up the skies on this very special night of the year.





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