Los Boliches


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Salon Varietes
  • · Easter Holy Week: Semana Santa
  • The processions of Holy week in Andalucia are spectacular. Each day during the week of that important religious festival in Fuengirola, as in all other Andalucian towns and villages, streets are cordoned off and massive, ornate icons are held high, with images of Christ and the Virgin at the different stages of the cross. Each church has a cofradía (brotherhood) of men who carry these enormous weights between them, shoulder high, proving their dedication and faith. Rehearsing for the processions at Easter goes on behind the scenes throughout the whole year and it is considered a tremendous honour to be involved in the proceedings.

The people of Fuengirola turn out to either watch or participate in the Easter processions and celebrations. Visitors are known to come to Fuengirola at this time of year especially to watch in this wonderful display of colour and religious tradition.





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