Los Boliches


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Salon Varietes
  • · April: The International Fair : “La Feria de los Pueblos”
  • This is a wonderful fair, which is held in the main fairground of Fuengirola (between train stations of Fuengirola and Los Boliches) and lasts for a week. In just one day, you can visit up to 50 countries – or at least a microcosm of each one, since they are represented in full colour and flavour and sound. Each country is allocated its own caseta (stand or purpose-built area). For over 10 years, this annual celebration has grown and become increasingly popular with local residents and visitors alike. From mini German beer festivals, to Irish dancing shows and Cuban rhythmic music and dance, there is something for every taste. The typical dishes and drinks from each country are worth sampling, too. It is a very popular festival in Fuengirola and people come from all over, making this one of the highlights on the annual events calendar.

The countries represented are Paraguay. Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Ireland, Italia, Jordan,, Morocco, México, Norway, Palestine, Peru, Poland, Dominican Republic, Sweden, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Vietnam. The different autonomous regions of Spain are well represented by; Galicia, Asturias, Melilla and of course, Andalucia. This is a great opportunity to have fun, buy interesting handcrafts, clothes, foods and gifts, enjoy great entertainment and even dance the night away. It is like a world tour at a fraction of the price!





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